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Born out of research that began in 2014 & gatherings first held in January 2020, we help neighbours & volunteer outreach & safety walk groups work more closely together using GPS & other mobile technology to support grassroots efforts toward safer, healthier, & thriving communities. Please connect with us as we unite communities around rethinking challenges in more holistic ways, stimulating innovation, & breaking down barriers to the best possible outcomes for our neighbours.


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Community Development Tools

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Ask for help in seconds for your community or for yourself, on the go or at home. Outreach & safety patrol leaders & volunteers get a secure map of help requests submitted by citizens & can easily respond to nearby tasks or use the map to plan their walks. Notifications can be set up to dispatch teams in real-time, whether they’re on-call in office, at home, or already walking in the area.

“As we’re all aware, police services have their hands full. The RespondNOW app is being designed to direct community resources & supports to non-emergency & crime prevention causes. As a small business owner, I see great value in this cause — By coming together, we can all work toward creating safer neighbourhoods for our staff, families, & friends. This organization has provided invaluable assistance around our retail location in St. James, Winnipeg. Please take a look at this fundraiser, & lend a hand, if possible!”
– Matt Bialek, President,
Red Bomb Fireworks & BLASTOFF Fireworks

…and more.

discovering, building, & empowering
innovative ways for neighbours to work
toward safer, stronger, healthier communities

inspired by lived experience

Media Coverage: Free Press Review


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Manitoba Map of Memoriam
Remembering those who lost their lives on Canada’s roads
calling for changes to prevent more deaths.
If you would like your loved one to be added to this map,
please contact us.


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