Winnipeg Speaker: Murder, rape, paedophilia better than missing Muslim prayer

  • Mohamed Hoblos suggested rape lesser sin in Islam than not praying
  • He suggests being terrorism, paedophilia, murder are lesser sins
  • The Australian influencer made the statements in 2017
  • Video of the lecture is below


PUBLISHED: 19 February 2018

A prominent Australian speaker has told his followers paedophiles and murderers who never miss a prayer are better, in the eyes of Allah, than good citizens who only miss one.

In the 2017 lecture from Mohamed Hoblos he appears to suggest rape and murder are lesser sins than forgetting to pray in Islam.

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Prominent speaker Mohamed Hoblos (pictured) has told his Muslim followers paedophiles & murderers who never miss a prayer are better, in the eyes of Allah, than good citizens who only miss one
A video republished by researchers reveals the 2017 lecture from Hoblos (pictured)
In the video he appears to suggest missing Islamic prayer is worse than rape & murder
Hoblos boasts a large social media presence & has over 50,000 Facebook followers
In the video, he stresses the importance of prayer – known as salah – in an impassioned two-minute speech originally posted on YouTube on February 5, 2017.

He asks his followers if someone who sells drugs, murders someone, and rapes a child is ‘good or bad’.

‘This person, one person who commits all these sins on a daily basis – but he prays – is better in the eyes of Allah than the one who doesn’t commit any of these sins, but doesn’t pray,’ he says. 

‘Any person who misses one Salah (prayer) for no reason – you are worse than a murderer, you are worse than a rapist, you are worse than a terrorist, you are worse than a paedophile in the eyes of Allah.’

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The Manitoba Islamic Association says it’s welcoming Hoblos at Winnipeg’s Waverley Grand Mosque on Christmas Day as part of his “Unite the Ummah” tour (Ummah: the world Muslim community) across Canada. The event is organised in part by the University of Manitoba Muslim Students Association.

Canada’s 2021 census found there are well over 26,000 Muslims in Manitoba, a ten-year growth of over 14,000, nearly all of them in Winnipeg, its capital city. According to the Islamic Society of Manitoba, of the 16 prayer areas across the city (which include 4 masjids, 5 community halls, 2 in universities, & 1 at the Health Sciences Centre), 15 are Traditional Sunni & 1 is Jafari Shia.


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