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    Why Reporters Won’t Talk About This Gaza Bunker JULY 29, 2014 That a major bunker is under this hospital is one of Gaza’s worst-kept secrets. The locals know it — and Israel knows it because the hospital was built more than 20 years before Hamas took it over. So why aren’t reporters in Gaza ferreting…

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    Outrage Over ‘Baby Bomber’ Pic JUNE 28, 2002 / 12:44 PM EDT / AP A photo of a Palestinian baby dressed as a suicide bomber with ammo belts and explosives strapped to its body and a Hamas headband is real according to a relative of the child. The British television network Sky News interviewed a man…

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    CRA audit Muslim charity called “Islamophobic” & tried to stop alleges employees of group part of a “Hamas support network.” The CRA cited the “troubling” allegation as one reason for grounds to revoke its charity status. The audit document details concerns about the federally-funded Muslim Association of Canada (MAC).

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    #Hamas: The Islamist Group Cracks Down On Social Media Activists March 17, 2016 • 5:01 AM ET By Emily Harris For Ayman Al-Aloul, the first night in prison was the worst. “I was cold. I was sick,” the now-free head of Al Arab Now news agency, said in an interview in his Gaza City office. “I…

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    Several thousand people briefly took to the streets across the Gaza Strip on Sunday to protest chronic power outages and difficult living conditions, providing a rare public show of discontent with the territory’s Hamas government.